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Water tank

Irrigation of crops is ensured by a 790 m2 water tank with a capacity for 3,160 m3 (6,583 pipes) of water and a drip system supplied through an irrigation head at the bottom of the tank.
The water supply of Los Maguenes comes from the Water Community of Himeche, of which the current owner of the estate has 18 shares which, if deemed appropriate the new owner can purchase or they can choose to lease them.

The price of each water share is € 20,000.


Shares 18 shares
1 Share 1.5 hours (90 minutes)
Capacity 240 pipes an hour
Volume of water per share 360 pipes every 26 days  (1.5 x 240)
Total pipes per share package 6,480 pipes every 26 days
Electrical conductivity 1,200 S/m